Feb 18, 2014

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Advantages and Disadvantages Build Your Site with Windows Hosting Platform

You can get started setting up your very own website quickly and cheaply in a few simple steps. The first task that you should take is to consider whether it is for business or personal use. For personal use you can get away with a less reliable service, and if you are aiming to put up a personal website, gaming website or a non profit website then you can afford to economise more. The most common form of hosting is windows web hosting as Windows tends to be the application that most PC users are familiar. This is not to say that Windows is essential. You can access a Windows web server through an Apple Mac, a UNIX based computer or any other operating system. The term for a windows web host is just for the server.
So what are the advantages of windows web hosting, or is Windows hosting just a way for the all powerful Microsoft to exert its influence? In many ways, Windows web hosting tends to be the default web host because of the strength of the Microsoft name. There is a lot of value in the name because Microsoft is on the foremost software developers, and there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages with using them.

The main advantage of Microsoft is that if you sign up using their software then you can be guaranteed a reliable product that you know. Essentially they are the benchmark to compare all other operating systems and most servers will end up using their software. They have very attractive software packages for databases, web page design, and new applications are made all the time. The library of different programs is the most diverse with Microsoft. All the software is routinely updated and checked for bugs, viruses and instabilities. This insures that your system is kept up to date with the latest software versions and your website will not fall far behind

The main disadvantages of windows hosting is the cost. Microsoft is a company that aims for profit, and so you would expect to have to pay a premium for their products. This cost can be reduced somewhat by selecting the right web provider, but generally speaking you will pay more for Microsoft products that any other operating system. If cost is not an issue, then this may not be a concern. Despite these disadvantages, people still tend to choose Windows as their software platform choice. The reliability is improving, and the updates mean that they are less prone to viruses and hacking attempts as time goes on, but it is also worth considering other operating systems before you jump in and make your choice.

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